Moody shoots with Liam


As Liam and I have been progressively meeting, he’s really changed the way I can look at my allowance for creative flow.

When with him I literally can’t help just letting every version of me out in our shoots and he is constantly, artfully, and skillfully capturing moments I can’t even always explain!

With all this cool shit going down there’s lots more to see coming from us and I’m really excited to move forward with this guy!


lets be real, life isnt always easy. sometimes we can hide from the truth and try to mask it no matter how clear it is. but no matter the clarity, the reason why we hide behind masks is almost always considered a grey area.

by who is it that dictate’s our rationale on masking our truth? personally i think everyone takes part. but more so than others, we see professionals out here, judging us teens like we god damn peasants

when we talk about a life in colour, its interesting to have people use grey as a sad shade…

well, grey is my favourite shade so what does that make me?