omg my email is so beyond able to even show me any form of relevancy at the moment haha.
anybody who cant relate will be forever VVS included.

i believe in organisation on all fronts. i feel, like, a lot of anxiety when technology takes has so much control in my life but  it also can be one of the weakest fronts.


sometimes, growing can be hard.

it almost like being where i am now is never good enough…

For instance, my social worker told me that my room in the suite im living in could be used for so many other kids on her case load. My gut reaction was just to get super tense and hostile. I felt that way because it was as if I wasnt a kid on her case load! But a colleauge.

Im 18

Im growing



lets be real, life isnt always easy. sometimes we can hide from the truth and try to mask it no matter how clear it is. but no matter the clarity, the reason why we hide behind masks is almost always considered a grey area.

by who is it that dictate’s our rationale on masking our truth? personally i think everyone takes part. but more so than others, we see professionals out here, judging us teens like we god damn peasants

when we talk about a life in colour, its interesting to have people use grey as a sad shade…

well, grey is my favourite shade so what does that make me?