merry eve eve

are you naughty or nice this year??

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

i feel like i’ve done more for Christmas this year than any year recently. i actually did cookies. trees. the works decorated everything with a ho ho ho and a snowman

“Christmas Eve Eve”

What can I say? 

Basically, in the first week of me being 20, Ive really realized how I wanna live. It honestly will start with me artistically expressing myself more often. 

You know… adding more photos of my life, outfits, art, and paintings! 

By the way, if you didn’t know, I’ve been painting hella. Im super into the whole idea of pop art and comic book types of styles of art. 

One of my all-time fav pop artists is @motelbunny !! Honestly have no clue where she went.

Kitten Playlist | Detail art, Retro art, Art collage wall
this is a motel bunny piece…

also, gonna be upgrading my blogging platform… unfortunately I have no money to constantly be paying for the premium version of wordpress. 😦

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">but that's okay because we have a lot of other things on the go!!! but that’s okay because we have a lot of other things on the go!!!

new song lover boy

today i just went ahead and said fuck it

i’m gonna ignore any track i’ve been working on, just to start a whole new version of something else….

something i would soon post to be lover boy

i guess this song is about how crazy love can make me and about not seeing someone for a long time.

i miss the way and how it felt

anyways: go stream lover boy