personal power

hmmm i’m interested in what my personal power looks like…. you know? some people are blessed with amazing capacities and it’s hard to ignore that.

i think that we sometimes look outwards to everyone about ourselves; when we should just be looking at ourselves and trusting our own guts


say you have a friend and they constantly have u walking on eggshells because you can facilitate their needs.

it’s definitely happened to me before! i’ve had so many moments lately where i just had to stop and realize the fact that: that person may not ever change! but also to trust ourselves enough to walk away from a hairy situation.

WHY would anyone have that tight ahold on my emotions? how can they be able to affect me so much?

it has to do with love. and compassion. and empathy. i guess?


at the end of the day:

  • we sometimes lose sight of our own natural judgment
  • we might lose a wallet…with a whole nasty turn of events to follow that
  • we might lose a friend, or even worse, someone you considered as family
  • a job
  • our home


for myself, part of my “personal power” is being able to put one foot in front of the other and just follow through on the here and now…


i try and tune myself into what’s going on around me. so i can understand situations clearly and REACT accordingly. i would like to believe this much is the same for you or the next person.

well sometimes it’s not quite like that…

some people like to think that they are never in the wrong and that it’s okay to constantly disregard others to prove themselves….

that’s too easy! from now on, i’m going to try and live through the downfall of manipulation, heart break, and the loss of what was seeming to be an amazing relationship.


– i’m now staying in kelowna

-i’ve been chilling with people who really tune in

– feel ok

-many cool ootds

weeks like these

the last couple weeks have been exhausting, emotionally draining, fun at some points, but generally stressful. i’m still preparing for vancouver which is fucking me up a lot because i just don’t believe it! a lot of people say they could see me in vancouver. can you? seriously though.

it all started with my wallet being stolen. along with it being a 1500 dollar goyard wallet, it had 200 cash and all my ID

then you know basically from there it became me throwing myself back into this “underworld” of people who don’t do very cool shit. they do the opposite actually… for money!!! and of course knowingly i decided to take these jobs because they always have some dollar value to them…

but with all of that i remembered what thrill it has to release and let the excitement of being so “gangsta”….or whatever that even means.

i’m glad my friends can help me move through it though.

here’s some positive shit from the past couple weeks tho

god rest ur soul

so as a lot of people may not know, i wrote a song around seven months back. it was called “untitled”, and i wrote it to that same youtube beat and all and i just kinda left it. but recently when i went back through some of the music that i was working on, i came across it. and listening to it now, i really, really, was affected by it and it’s meanings to me.

i feel like the song is just mostly about how sometimes we try to so hard for people who can never return the favour. and when i re-listened to the “untitled” track, patterned it out and tried to butcher the mix (lmao), it really became god rest ur soul after being in a situation that really happened to me in just the past couple of days.

i’m sorry it has to be this way but it’s probably for the better..

i see these situations and hoped for better and hoped that you would get some rest. but not only for you but your soul too.

it feels too distant from the truth now than before.

that’s kind of the message behind the lyrics about us sipping from the same cup…like it’s a metaphor for the truth almost idk. we sometimes want to be so close to who we’re with that we could be seen sharing cups and shit in public but how could we ever get to that point if you just wanna be so dishonest with it?

anyways if you wanna listen to god rest your soul it’s available here, here, and here .

thanks for coming to my ted talk

i’m back

it’s been awhile since my last post but i’m really happy to be back. as of recently i’ve been working on making multiple streams of income through forex, my photography skills, and also creating the newest element of imVVS:

oh and here’s a pic from the other day at the orchard!

see the edit on my instagram