Lately baby…

Lately I’ve been only trying to get better. My mental health hasn’t been the best and im working hard on fixing it to the best of my abilities.


Investing, it’s hard. It can be gruesome, emotional, physical, and mental. Why would it be difficult for me to so such things if it didn’t take an investment. With IMVVS, ive decided to start to progressively invest more of my time and energy into it. Why? Because its the differentiation of hobby vs craft.


IMVVS means so much more to me than just another webpage because its so much more different than spam. Its quite the opposite actually.


I find it funny that Im literally going to the birthplace of IMVVS to literally commemorate myself.

Starbucks in the mall.


generally, i just dont even give a fuck. like honestly. who really cares if i go only the rant EXCEPT FOR THE THE GUILTY mother fuckers lol. this is my rant and anyone who created a diss track For Steven Daoust is defz never speakin2him again

fuck your shoes where r my boots

shout out kiki for the photo

Moody shoots with Liam


As Liam and I have been progressively meeting, he’s really changed the way I can look at my allowance for creative flow.

When with him I literally can’t help just letting every version of me out in our shoots and he is constantly, artfully, and skillfully capturing moments I can’t even always explain!

With all this cool shit going down there’s lots more to see coming from us and I’m really excited to move forward with this guy!