my name is: stev

Its interesting to me, sitting in Starbucks. I’m so not this kid who is just all about going to a trendy coffee shop with my laptop and blogging. I am more of the type of person out walking to his next shift, blazing ( and i take rockers ik), or hanging out with my friends. But more recently I have gone of the deep end in terms of my creativity; so,here we are. It’s something I have thought about for a really long time, the blogging idea, and even vlogging . Its an idea that would be a book; this section of the site. Yep, for sure I would be pulling a Harry Potter trilogy on ya’ll. I cant lie either about that either because my life is literally so involving of others. In respects to people being apart of my decision making, mental health, and finances, so basically my whole life… all I can say is: DAMN THANK YOU.


If your one close friends: I’m sorry lol. They honestly are able to call me on all my shit when it comes to content; thanks for the reality check guys.

my first demo ever

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