weeks like these

the last couple weeks have been exhausting, emotionally draining, fun at some points, but generally stressful. i’m still preparing for vancouver which is fucking me up a lot because i just don’t believe it! a lot of people say they could see me in vancouver. can you? seriously though.

it all started with my wallet being stolen. along with it being a 1500 dollar goyard wallet, it had 200 cash and all my ID

then you know basically from there it became me throwing myself back into this “underworld” of people who don’t do very cool shit. they do the opposite actually… for money!!! and of course knowingly i decided to take these jobs because they always have some dollar value to them…

but with all of that i remembered what thrill it has to release and let the excitement of being so “gangsta”….or whatever that even means.

i’m glad my friends can help me move through it though.

here’s some positive shit from the past couple weeks tho