today i found out a lot of new things.

i dont even really care that my formatting is literally modelled by the way that i text because i feel people can still understand the message.

lovely friends, always there for support in hard times but sometimes causing hard times…does this type of situation ring true for anybody? seriously, let me know. i totally understand that feeling. lately its been like that with acouple close friends.

the feeling of not even wanting to see someones side of the story because your 100 percent convinced you have seen ALL sides of the story

maybe even on top of, or even in the middle of , hell below it all… all that shit, and im talking that straight up greasy shit thats hitting fan; you accept one fateful call that may send you back to ground 0.

just think about it, maybe even spring to write a comment.

i wanna say thank you so much to those that may feel like im talking about them, i still love you. you know this.

but today was really harsh people.

i wish mom was around